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Zhejiang pushing fisheries restoration Revitalization Action dismantling 27 'three no' fishing boat

Date: 2013-07-18

The blue flame gas cutting spray gun will pierce the thick steel plate melted; huge steel cutting machine Kanxiang railings friction sound deafening ...... in the morning "three noes" involving fishing vessels at the site dismantling , 27 previously seized illegal fishing in xiangshan Shipu drumming confrontation within Bohai Shipyard Co., Ltd. was dismembered.

Recently, on the "East Sea no fish," the news reports, has aroused widespread concern. Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau combines implement the State Council on the 11th spirit of the document, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial government, in the case studies, based on the proposed "Action Plan for the revitalization of Zhejiang fisheries restoration." This will be the dismantling of a large obstacle for the smooth implementation of the "three noes" chaos involving fishing vessels undertaken.

"Three noes" refers to non-vessel ship name, no ship certificates, no home port, unfulfilled approval procedures, illegal construction, modification ships. This kind of ship to the economic and social development and stability bring great harm. Such vessels will impact the normal rampant fishery production order, the legitimate interests of law-abiding vessels infringement constitutes a great good. Also bring the fishery production safety risks, endangering the province "safe fishing" building. "Three no" none of the public security border practitioners ship registration and management, and some even smuggling and other security cases.

Zhejiang Ocean and Fishery Bureau, deputy director Lin Dongyong said that Zhejiang will have confidence in the local government, "a dozen three remediation" program implemented strictly combat the "three noes" involving fishing vessels, to ensure the "Zhejiang fisheries restoration revitalization plan" implemented.

It is understood that this "three noes" wade fishing ship dismantling spot got all the support, the next step will be the full implementation of the "Zhejiang fisheries restoration revitalization plan" in "a dozen three rectification" program of action.