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Xiaoshan Airport welcomes first operating flight

Date: 2013-01-14

At 9:02am, January 10, 2012, CDI Cargo Airlines flight No.GJ8702 landed on the No.2 Runway of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which has been the first operating flight the runway received since it was completed.

At 9:28, Xiamen Airlines flight No.MF8231 (Hangzhou-Ji'nan-Urumchi) took off from the runway, indicating the start of the airport's operation of two runways.

No.2 Runway is 3,400m long and 60m wide, and is capable of handling A380, the world's largest civilian airliner.

The airport's two runways are 1,920m away from each other. With segregated parallel operations, one runway is used exclusively for approaches and the other runway is exclusively used for departures.

In actual operations, the flights will land from the west end of No.2 Runway (in the north) and take off from the west end of No.1 Runway (in the south) when winds blow east, and land from the east end of No.1 Runway and take off from the east end of No.2 Runway when winds blow west.

Given the start of transport during the Spring Festival on January 26, the airport has planned to increase the handling capacity from currently 31 flights per hour to 34 flights per hour, which will further rise to 45 flights per hour within the next two years.

The air traffic control administration usually needs to regulate the volume of traffic when it reaches a limit to ensure safety, and as a result, flights have to wait to take off.

Now, when the handling volume reaches 25 flights per hour, the double-runway mechanism will start operation, which is expected to increase the handling capacity and avoid air traffic control, and therefore decrease the delay of flights.

(Source: Hangzhou China)