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Sanli New Century Grand Hotel Zhejiang is a member of New Century Hotel Group, which is one of the first luxury business hotel in hangzhou main urban area. The hotel is located in the core area of business district in the northern part of Hangzhou, to the north, is lies against a Canal tributary, Shangtang River, .To the east is faces the beautiful scenery of northern City Sports Park of 46 hectares in area. An oasis is in the city. The hotel have a very convenient traffic network.The hotel About 8 kilometers away from the WestLake and is only 35 kilometres from the Xiaoshan airport.
The hotel owns 418 luxury guestrooms with beautiful city or garden views. Kaiyuan custom-made the King kohl sleeping system and bedding article bring you comfortable sleep experience. The hotel adopts the world famous brand "Hansgrohe" for the bath room appliances, which brings VIP high-quality bathroom enjoyment.

FOUR SEASONS CHAMBER and COOKFUN TOWN, which is glorious and elegant, provide you with not only the new Hangzhou dishes, Guangdong dishes, nests abalones and fines but also local flavor dishes with an unique style. Hawaii café with original flavor will be cooked by famous western cooks, so the west food will have excellent taste.

Hotel adhering to the Kaiyuan hotel group of attentive customer service, is the good choice of your business meetings, travel and leisure.[View Detail]
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  • e00687750
    It's OK
  • xiaomei168
    Environment is not good, good
  • coco6006
    Is somewhat remote, the other rules in all aspects from
  • Travis
    Good location, clean.
  • demonspirit
    All right
  • eagle_2029
    Fancy new century brand so the room, hotel location some distance from the city center but travel is convenient, and overall price/performance of the hotel was good, dinner buffet is OK, but slightly difference compared to Shanghai new century buffet dinner, the hotel offers a children's slippers very good breakfast.
  • eneas
    Surprise, very comfortable!
  • sujifanfan
    Which is very nice
  • scribbler
    Well was a drive was good
  • t18666
    Nice hotel
  • liuefly
    Room good, location good, food good! the surrounding environment
  • lilili1302
    Environment and service was good. There is a large conference room floor.
  • babiboy-cy
  • luong0321
    At new century brand from the next moved to sanli Kaiyuan hotel, lobby and guest rooms with luxurious decoration. free fruit is very personal, beautifully packaged, meaning everything, back to the company, colleagues love it. very interesting is a tiny shop, bought small things from the inside, the waiter quickly delivered to your room.
  • niama321
    Nice, very comfortable
  • songyang000
    Taking into account
  • maggie523277635
    Also good
  • bbdan
    The surrounding environment is getting better and better, not focused on before, this looked and looked, a large park, lived in the spring, slightly more expensive prices, send something, this tourist city of Hangzhou, the cost is very high.
  • december-rose
    Hotel location is find, front desk sister and concierge are is friendly, with children out play luggage somewhat more, Concierge guy enthusiasm of help I carrying to room, rooms aunt saw children on immediately took to has children slippers and dental. out play, to Concierge that called car, Concierge Guy also is enthusiasm introduced around fun of and delicious of, also specially sent we a copies tourism map!? Back in the evening in the hotel's buffet, hotel app store purchases, the price is very affordable!And praise one! beautiful waitress sister gave my children a baby chair and ice cream?. Hurry to check out in the morning, sister business levels are very high at the front desk, a small set procedures! this time, next time to continue to stay at this!
  • sinoone
  • demonsansan
    Environment is quiet, room good. After all is the hotel brand, is in place
  • e00656529
    The towels in the bathroom and towels changed!
  • cici90
    Starting from the outside to the lobby, lift, room corridors, rooms are very clean, neat! service, the external environment of the hotel is also good! very satisfied!
  • litniu
    New century brand, as well, great!
  • bxandxiao
    Good, far away from the Lake!
  • badmescal
    Wow, this hotel all hotels Yes! moganshan, the end of the journey, do not want to burn the midnight oil, interim decision-you hit this one night in Hangzhou sanli Kaiyuan, better than a lot! Traffic; Baidu navigation very easy to find, some distance away from the city, not the downtown area-facilities; a full range of guesthouses, continuous vibration weight machines, Foot Massager, neck Massager, air purifiers have. praise praise praise! Service also didn't go to restaurants to eat dinner, but the front deskBelle Duman-views, I must mention, 26/f, Park is Lake view out of the window! praise the key is cost effective, in the 11 long, rare book five-star-! to less than 800 in the day! package breakfast-really great value! have to recommend
  • AmimA
    Very good hotel very worth to stay
  • as78r
    Not bad.
  • anderson6788
    Kaiyuan I live of is compared more of has, Shanghai Songjiang, Beijing of song China are live had. is I compared Pro-Lai of hotel. this hotel next has a small lake. small lake next has fitness Museum, swimming running, all with full. is supporting is good. hotel next restaurant also tall Shang. also has a civilians of supper field, seafood market. only regrets of is hotel of parking parking is charges of. Although not worth, but is supporting facilities should free more is human. General for KaiyuanHigh cost of hotels. worth the price and, if it is not preferred, believe the Lake such a hotel price is doubled. but sanli Kaiyuan plus limousine service is understated luxury. the breakfast is also very rich ... recommended.
  • xueyuan
    Front desk sister operations not familiar, but also
  • baima102
    Help others to book hotel, is said to be satisfactory. Hotel cost-effective, slightly almost, but other conditions are very good. If driving, recommended the price much cheaper than the lakeside hotel.
  • lisi00811
    Help colleagues, good
  • dnjatpl
    Quiet and convenient environment for all types of people
  • avionfay
    That's good
  • linenximama
    Hotel very good running around or something convenient attitude
  • e00146784
    Which is very nice
  • lxj1987313
    Big room and eat well, a bit
  • PeterC1224
  • ouyanglinnan
    Except for towels a little tea, other are 100 points
  • fengjie1230
    Fortunately, quiet! reaches four-star standard of equipment and service!
  • lsc1342992415
    That's good
  • jyoucyou
    Feel worse
  • Tony_wong
    Surrounding environment
  • wdxue
    That's no problem!
  • lewistam116
    It's not bad
  • cnjowang
  • linda1113
    Environment is good, front desk also to I do has free upgrade, but why I spent has six hundred or seven hundred block money live you hotel, I also to himself bear parking costs, this too not reasonable has's? if said I didn't in you Hotel consumption, you with I charges, I understanding, but I money consumption has, you also to received money, yihou also not to live has, Hangzhou now no which home high star hotel stay also received parking fee, parking fee although is money, but this not should is we bear of costs,Poor! sick!
  • linglingmu
    It wasn't too bad
  • subgrade
    Location is a bit far away, on the edge of demolition, the room was big, decorated good. attendant problems, ask for something half a day there is no away. breakfast super good, very rich, but hurry, had time to eat
  • Bryanyg
    Really good other than I live, the waiter greeting, meticulous service, very good!